October 16, 2012

Smack Mellon
Puerto Rican Art Workers
Art Writing Panel
Movement Monday OWS planning/strategy meetings
book club
A/L one year anniversary

Attendance: BW, MS, L, A, MB, TJ, CT, AS, N

013—Friday 10/12/12 & Saturday 10/13/12
– Friday – meeting: logistics, making maps; GA at 6:00; maps all had different fruits and vegetables;

– Saturday – marches – 5th Ave; loud, at least 100 people; started with OWS banner then Strike Debt banner; dropped OWS banner above Rock. Ctr ice rink; no arrrests

– and banner drop at Columbus Circle : “Debt is the New Colonialism”; and residence of CEO of Goldman Sachs

Smack Mellon
– “aesthetics of resistance” – using space to advantage; text on wall; “five ways to act” current idea for proposal, with buttons

Puerto Rican Art Workers
– can do in December

thursday october 18 at Judson Memorial church 6:30

So things seem to be shaping up nicely for Thursday. We have several musicians I know will be great committed to speaking (from a variety of backgrounds), as well as at least one writer, a dancer, a taxi driver who is also a DJ, possibly a worker from Domestic Workers United and an ice skating coach from a group of them that recently organized (?!?!). Plus everyone that just shows up at the event — the people I mentioned are kicking it off, but everyone is encouraged to speak. It should go without saying that we are really hoping that folks from A&L will show up and speak. We have 45 folks on FB saying they’re coming, who knows what that means.

We’ll have a brief section at the end where people from each of the 3 groups that collaborated on this can tell how to get involved. Also, the Justice for Jazz Artists campaign has a march that night is leaving at 9pm from WSP — just across the street from Judson. There will be someone from there to announce the event and we’re promoting “learning -> action” angle.
  • We’ll have a brief section at the end where people from each of the 3 groups that collaborated on this can tell how to get involved. Can someone from A&L commit to being this person?
  • Turnout: please come, and tell your freelancer friends. Forward the announcement, share the FB event, RSVP if you’re planning on going.
  • Help flyering  @ CMJ in the next couple days. Could be day at Kimmel or shows at night. Some shows are free and we could have a good time. Email Matt
  • Does anyone have access to NYU that can get me (or someone else) into the Kimmel Center? Email Matt
  • Help with documentation of the event… note-taking. Audio or video if possible. Email Matt
  • We can bring food. Might be cool if people bring snacks.
Thanks for all your help! Hope to see you there…


Art Writing Panel

MS organized with others. Art writing as craft labor and art. Like word craft. More recently , eg jbw, very interested in craft, queer, feminist, etc. ms always crafted fiction. Thinking about canonization, hierarchy etc how can craft serve as model for other structures?

MS shows flyer. Wanted diverse crowd, BR reached out to lots of people. MS will moderate. There’s reason for a lot of these people but ended up being a lot of white guys Will be big convo so didn’t feel the need for additional q’s, but open. Nonhierarchical setup.

Ben davis worked for artinfo but used to come to a/l meetings. Kareem thru BR, knows nonprof. Ken J from Times. was soft supporter of ows. Paddy blogger, afc, first to make inroads to internet artwriting, now with l mag. Omar more of a curator now, connected to s america. Walter was with artnet for 15yrs. Mira Schor, artist blogger, feminist. MS tried to get younger people and tried for diversity but didnt happen.

BW is there anything we can do to help?

AS film it?

TJ stream it? Useful.

AS would be hard to set up

MB can look into it

MS just document?

AS yes thats better. Live stream less important. Just document

MS gran fury had prob didnt want that. This group is diff. But will ask them.

AS michelle kuo speakng same night. Critic as outsider!

MS will prob bring up while moderating

-Monday OWS planning/strategy meetings

BW P and MP movement mondays. Larger ows thing, is really good, affinity groups present projects see if one action can support another.

MB list serve is s17?

BW dont know will find out. Meets judson or other labor bldg in usq but not sure. Long meetings. 6-9 or 10

MS. Can you mention writers thing there?

BW yes.

MB musicians panel on occupy newsletter?

BW will contact them

-book club

BW arts labor book club? Which texts?

TJ kropotkin?

MS David Graeber syllabus from yale. Wanna see? Its good

All: yes!

L first meetings. Lots of reading lists. Where?

MS. Remember gg? Lots of books thrown in there. Somewhere is a pdf of those. We as group created doc of important things to read. As a/l project would be great contribution.

TJ press from ows went from under reported to big boom

MS i can contribute lots from occ oakland anarchists. Interested in knowledge dissemination

MB i can be a helping hand. Is exciting

MS need trained on wordpress

MB can do wordpress

-A/L one year anniversary

BW Party!

All: yay!

BW tomorrow is one year anniversary.

AS started here at 60 wall with a sea of people

TJ a hive!

MS we’re still here!

TJ we’re still poor!

MB party when? Tomorrow?

AS No. one day… mid nov?

MB doodle?

MS white horse?

TJ sentimental place. Our maxs kansas city. Also lorelei in gp.

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