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Arts & Labor meets monthly on the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm. We have been occupying various Public/Private spaces around NYC for our meetings, so please check here, our facebook page, or on the NYCGA site for specific location. Additionally, a variety of subgroups also meet on their own time.


We follow the Occupy Wall Street consensus process for our meetings. Read more about the process here.  We tend to stick loosely to the following meeting agenda:
1. Introductions
2. Announcements/ Reportbacks
3. Breakout Groups (depending on mtg size)
4. Groups report back
5. Proposals
6. Additional Agenda Items
7. Wrap Up and go to dive bar.


We often to break out in the following groups during meetings:
– Information/Outreach (sometimes these breakout separately)
– Alternative Economies
– Newcomers Group (for first time attendees to ask questions, say what they want to work on)
– Action Group (varies depending on what actions we are working on)
– If what you want to talk about doesn’t fall in these categories, propose a new group!


There are a number of specific initiatives that are currently coming out of Arts & Labor. Please check out the various Working Groups to see what is cooking! Can’t come to meetings but want to act? Check out Actions, and see you on the streets!

We have a (very active) google group that we use to organize during the week. To join the group email

General Inquiries:

You’ll occasionally receive emails about upcoming events and actions.