January 23, 2013

Report backs:

  • Strategy session panels (at PP and Murphy Institute)
  • Intern Labor Rights virtual global summit
  • Reader
  • SF Project
  • Rad Arts
  • New Meeting Structure
  • Mapping the workplace
  • Alternative Economies
  • Commons Coalition

Agenda items

  • MOMA
  •  Long term strategies/ teach-ins follow up:
  • New Meeting spaces
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November 28, 2012

Meeting tech stuff
Vibe check general
Report backs

Agenda items:
II. BC proposal- labor talk
III. Eblast
IV. Sf proposal
V. Artist collective
VI. Reader
VII. Alt econ
VIII. All in the red cooper U
IX. art matters grant feedback discussion
X. last add: AS2 about $100 we raised.

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October 23, 2012

Report backs and announcements:

  • Entrepreneurship and Exploitation in the Music Industry (October 18)
  • Occupy Museums talk at Momenta
  • Art Writing as Craft, Labor, and Art: A&L roundtable (October 25)
  • Organizer training at ALIGN (October 30)
  • Mapping the Workplace
  • Intern Group


  • Book Club
  • SF curator request to develop the Five Ways to Act project
  • Weekly A&L meeting schedule Continue reading