Reading Room

Here are a few great introductory texts covering a range of topics including alternative economies, historical art/activist movements, and the field of art workers. We will continue to add texts and topics as our reading list grows.

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list of federal art programs from 1933-43
David Sokol, The Founding of The Artists Equity Association after World War I


Lucy Lippard, “The Art Workers’ Coalition: Not a History”
Art Workers’ Coalition’s Letter to Museum of Modern Art, 1969

Alternative Economies

Ethan MIller, Solidarity Economics, Strategies for Building New Economies for the Bottom-Up and the Inside-Out

Art Workers

Julia Bryan Wilson, Introduction and Chapter 1 of “Art Workers”

Mapping the Art Economy

Andrea Fraser – Le 1% C’est Moi


Arts & Labor

The following materials have been approved for distribution
by the Arts & Labor General Assembly

Arts & Labor Statement

Open Letter to Labor Servicing the Culture Industry

End the Whitney Biennial 2014, February 24, 2012

Arts & Labor #OWS Call to NYFA: Stop Publishing Classifieds for Unpaid Internships
Feb 1, 2012