Frieze New York: 1% from the 1% Community Benefit


  • Brings in $8 million in revenue from gallery booth rentals alone.
  • Pays less than $1/sq foot on public park land on which it mounts its massive tent.


  • Have a median household income that is between $20,000 to $30,000 respectively, one-third of the cost of a booth rented by a blue chip gallery.
  • Have long been fighting against privatization and to keep Randall’s Island accessible to its local residents.


  • What if Frieze New York gave back to the neighborhoods that surround Randall’s Island in return for its takeover of public land?
  • What if Frieze New York redistributed the massive accumulation of wealth it participates in each year during the fair?
  • What if 1% of the estimated $8 million fair revenue were granted to artists and arts organizations in East Harlem and South Bronx?

For information about the details of the proposal, please contact

5 thoughts on “Frieze New York: 1% from the 1% Community Benefit

  1. What if Frieze New York hired 1% of East Harlem’s unemployed to help set up, manage, serve, clean and secure the Art Fair? Now, that’s neighborly!

  2. Yes. Community benefits and fair labor practice should not be pitted against each other. Demonstrating a financial accountability to the surrounding communities that needs funds for cultural development and local hire practice should go hand in hand.

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