December 11, 2012

Mapping the Artworld
Cooper Statement
Meeting times

Arts & Labor, 12/11/2012

Attending: CT, AS, MB
Minutes CT and AS

ANNOUNCEMENT: PRAWC tomorrow. Who can video? MB said she would see if she
could to set up and help with video, but schedule may not allow.

CT explained webpage plus email letter.
AS suggested adding links on texts to specific things like buttons and t-shirts etc. Since
we have mages and info on website
[Group looks at letter.]
AS prob to “political art”
CT debt quilt is political art
MB “writing letters” problematic. Statements of solidarity?
AS not just “made” buttons, given out
CT & AS must emphasize collaborative methods
MB we need to emphasize context in the larger movement. Align art practice in
collaboration with movement.
AS describe as visionary, how hard this has been.
MB is leaving on the 19th.
MB lets look at it, finalize, send to list. Send out on friday.
CT I don’t have mail chimp password
MB will send to you.
AS will send links. Deadline?
CT send to list tonight.
AS friday is worst day to email. Monday or tuesday?
CT say monday afternoon. Send to list tonight only text if pple want to write, then email
to get google doc.

MAPPING THE ARTWORLD: awesome! We were all there so no report back so just
check the minutes when they’re posted!

MB: how to visualize these experiences outside of already formed experienced. Outside
of corporate tools.

AS: showing how the art industry is enormous with tons of jobs that are outside of artist,
critic and curators. Misclassification.
Make a giant poster with list and drop it at the peace pentagon

Sent to cusos today. Waiting for the students to respond. If they dont respond by
tomorrow, CT will contact them via facebook. Wednesday night or thursday morning
release it via facebook and webpage and allies. Cooper pages.
Spoke about speaking out on friday afternoon.

Decided that group too small to make decisions tonight.
MB: find a nice place to meet. Like two different meetings, hard to divide focus. How
do you make sure the meeting is open. Warning against losing momentum due to past
CT: some people in NJ and some people in Brooklyn, so meetings should be in
Manhattan to accommodate. Recommend 2 actual meetings a month and 1 happy hour
AS: like the structure, fine with the place
Two actual meetings a month and 1 bar meeting social…

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