Art Worker Formations – Alternative To What? Session 2

What do we mean by Alternative Art Economies? And what are we looking to find an alternative to?

Art Worker Formations: Unions, Guilds, & Cooperatives Summer

Session #2: Sunday, July 20th, 2014
5:00-7:00pm – Washington Square Park, at West 4th St. and Washington Square East (find us on the grass southeast of the fountain) *Rain location at Think Coffee, 248 Mercer St.

In this second session of Alternative Economie’s (a working group of Arts & Labor) summer series, we will discuss the history of Art Worker Formations (Unions, Guilds & Cooperatives), discuss labor in the culture industry – including past and present collectivization, and consider the common needs of an art worker in the United States and the viability of forming a union to address those needs.

This session will draw from the below readings:

Readings (click on the link to view):

“The Return of the Guilds: Towards a Global History of the Guilds in Pre-Industrial Times” Jan Lucassen, Tine de Moor, and Jan Luiten Van Zanden. (2008).

“W.A.G.E. Survey Poster” W.A.G.E. (2010).

“Open Letter to Labor Servicing the Culture Industry” member of arts & labor #ows. (2011).

“Artists As Militant Trade Union Workers during the Great Depression” Gerald M. Moore. (1974).

“CAR/FAC Fee Schedule (2014).

“(UN)DOING (UN)COMPENSATION” Caroline Woolard.

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Part of the collaborative summer series: Alternative To What? Alternative Art Economies Summer Sessions July–August, 2014

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[IMAGE: “Artists Union Membership.” Artists As Militant Trade Union Workers during the Great Depression, Gerald M. Moore, Archives of American Art Journal, Vol. 14, No. 1 (1974), pp. 7-10]