Danish Art Union UKK hosts International Arts Worker Groups

Seminar at Overgaden the 17th of June 2012 in the framework of UKK’s 10th anniversary.

13.00 Welcome
13.15 Arts&Labour, New York USA
13.50 Precarious Workers Brigade / Carrot Worker’s Collective, London UK
14.40 BREAK
15.00 Christobal Bianchi, Santiago Chile
15.30 Tina og Eva (openhagen), Copenhagen DK
16.00 Joint discussion!
17.00 End of Seminar

The economic crisis and the professionalisation of the art system has set more focus
on art worker conditions nationally and internationally. UKK has in 2012 made a questionnaire to cover the Danish situation among young art workers and has particularly focused on local issues such as art grants, the unemployment benefit system and free labour. Because young artists increasingly are working internationally and in order to perspectivize the Danish context, a seminar with a more international perspective will take place on the basis of the questionnaire. For this seminar groups of artists, activists and academics are invited from different geopolitical contexts. They are critical of their local situation, but also come with suggestions of alternative solutions, which the seminar attempt to discuss across contexts and conditions. The results of the questionnaire willl also be published at the seminar, in a printed publication with contributions by author Lene Asp and the sociologist Jaron Rowan.

Coffee and soft drinks will be served during the break.

Host: The UKK [Young artists and artworkers] subgroup ‘Focus: Working Conditions’;
Maria Diekmann, Eva la Cour, Sidsel Nielund and Marie Thams.

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