Action 12/20 @ 1pm: What Does 100K Mean to You?

What does $100,000 Mean to You?
A General Assembly and Photo action hosted by members of OWS Arts & Labor

WHEN: Tuesday 12/20 at 1pm

WHERE: 10th Ave & 18th Street (starting at street level) in front of the $100,000 Billboard

WHAT: General Assembly & Photo Action (Bring smartphones and cameras to participate!)

WHY: On December 2nd, The High Line unveiled “The First $100,000 I Ever Made,” a 25-by-75 foot billboard created by artist John Baldessari. We, as members of Occupy Wall Street, ask: what is the history of the $100,000 bill and what does it mean to resurrect its image in our current moment of economic crisis? Who is this billboard speaking to? How does it speak to you? What does $100,000 mean today to workers and residents of Chelsea, along with all New Yorkers, as economic conditions continue to worsen for the 99%?

I Will Never Make This Much Money

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