Spatial Politics & Anti-Gentrification

The Spatial Politics & Anti-Gentrification subcommittee of Arts & Labor is dedicated to reimagining and redirecting the impact of art workers on urban development and policy. By promoting neighborhood self-determination and providing tactical, logistical, and material support for community-led anti-displacement efforts, we aim to reverse art workers’ complicity in processes of gentrification, and to develop relationships of cooperation, trust, and mutual aid between art workers and those with whom we share spaces of life and work. We are committed to working in solidarity with low-income populations and communities of color, and seek to hold ourselves accountable through communication and collaboration with local residents and organizers.

Our activities include:
• education and outreach around urban development and policy-making
• working with artists and community members to develop neighborhood-specific projects in support of anti-displacement efforts
• creating and disseminating texts, images, and slogans
• opening and maintaining lines of communication between anti-displacement activists across New York neighborhoods
• generating turnout for anti-displacement actions, particularly from the arts community and Occupy Wall Street.

• Draft text for pamphlet on real estate issues in LES/Chinatown. (Nicole, Samantha, Jason, Arlen – 2/23)
• Draft text for pamphlet on gentrification and the art world. (Erin, Lara – 2/23)
• Edit and finalize pamphlet texts. (Martha, all – 2/23-3/1)
• Design and produce pamphlets. (A&L – 3/1-3/8)

• Create two pamphlets: one on real estate issues in LES/Chinatown, one on gentrification and the art world. (print by 3/8)
• Distribute pamphlets at OWS meetings and LES art galleries, and on the street in LES/Chinatown. (March-April)
• Create and disseminate stickers, posters, memes, etc. for LES/Chinatown campaign. Work with artists to produce projects. (March-April)
• LES Occupy Lunch (3/11)
• NMASS march (late March?)
• Potluck dinner with anti-gentrification organizers (late March)
• City-Wide Community Self-Determination Day (April)
• CB3 meeting (April?)

• Discuss slogans and images for LES/Chinatown campaign: format, content, how and when to disseminate.
• Decide format and develop outreach materials for Occupy Lunch. Discuss outreach strategy.

• Off-list email thread. To be added, please speak with one of our members listed below or post a request to the A&L listserv.
• Group wikispace:

• The A&L Spatial Politics & Anti-Gentrification working group meets about once every two weeks outside the regular A&L meetings. We communicate frequently over email and use the group wikispace for collaborative writing, brainstorming, and information-sharing. Please contact one of our members listed below for the time and place of our next meeting.
• 3/11: Occupy Lunch
• late March (?): NMASS march
• late March: potluck dinner with anti-gentrification organizers
• mid-April: City-Wide Community Self-Determination Day
• April (?): CB3 meeting


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