Facts About the Frieze NY “Rat” Fair

Print Out Flyers with these facts and hand them out at the Frieze NY Rat Fair! (quarter sheets)

• Frieze is a for-profit event that pays less than $1/ sq ft to lease city park land for two months.

• Frieze makes art inaccessible to many working New Yorkers with a ticket price of $42 per person.

• Frieze would rather bring in low-wage, non-union labor from WI, than pay NYers a living wage.

• Frieze is the only major NYC art fair using non-union labor to construct its fair.


Call the Frieze Office: 212 463 7488
Twitter: #FNY13 #FriezeRatFair @FriezeNewYork

2 thoughts on “Facts About the Frieze NY “Rat” Fair

  1. Frieze Rat Fair charges each exhibitor between 10,000 to 60,000 USD. Times that by 190 exhibitors to get an idea what kind of profits these guys are earning, not to forget to 40 dollars each visitor pays @ 16,000 to 25,000 visitors! we are talking around 6 to 8 million USD. Leasing Randall’s Island at 1 USD a square foot – looks to me like the city of New York is also getting reamed

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